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My puppy is about 3 months old and hides under the bed and growls if I try to get her out?

Hi, I recently got a puppy from an ad when she was about 8 weeks. The kids of the family played very rough with her but she was very sweet when I…

ASKED BY Member 1243709 on 3/13/15
TAGGED puppy, growling, fear, hiding IN Behavior & Training

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My shiba inu has recently started hiding all day, under the bed, behind boxes, under desks?

Shes started panting a little. I know panting isnt weird for dogs but for this one it is. She wont play outside anymore, wont play inside, and we cant…

ASKED BY Member 1242775 on 2/22/15
TAGGED hiding, scared IN Other Behavior & Training

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My dog seems scared of me?

I have had Lily for 8 years (since she was 3 months old) we have always been really close but recently when i return home from work she hides from…

ASKED BY Member 1241495 on 1/27/15
TAGGED fearful, anxious, shaking, hiding IN Behavior & Training

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My gf's moms dog having some serious behavior/social problems -help requested (we're happy for whatever answer(s)?

Hello, I have an (important) question regarding my girlfriends "moms" dog. Cause it the most of the time feels like we dont have any dog here…

ASKED BY Member 1227870 on 6/2/14
TAGGED jackrussel, animalshelter, old, unsocial, hiding, ignoring, ignorance IN Socialization

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My puppy doesn't eat much, doesn't like treats or wants to be trained, doesn't like it's crate and hides a lot?

My puppy is a border collie named Tyson and 9 weeks old, I got him on September the 3rd 2013 on a farm. Once I got him home he explored a little…

ASKED BY Member 1188644 on 9/5/13
TAGGED food, treats, training, crate, hiding IN Other Puppies

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Our 14 yr old Bichon has either been laying with her head facing a corner or under furniture - does anyone know why she?

She also has been following us around the house all the time. She used to just sleep all day on the couch.

ASKED BY Member 1188320 on 9/3/13
TAGGED headhiding, followingaround IN Health & Wellness

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We are fostering a 4yr old shih tzu from a rescue.we know she has a bladder issue because she has blood in her urine and?

is straining to urinate.we will b taking her in to vet as soon as rescue coordinates it with theyre vet.once that issue is out of the way,we want to…

ASKED BY Member 1184617 on 8/8/13
TAGGED hiding IN Fears & Phobias

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Too distracted to poop outside?

We adopted Mindy, a 5yr old golden retriever/collie mix a few days ago. She apparently loves other dogs, and gets so distracted on our walks, she will…

ASKED BY Member 1152493 on 1/29/13
TAGGED distracted, hidingtogo IN House Soiling

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