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Okay, so I have a dog at home and his name is Shilo. Me and Shilo have been best buds for over 5 years now, yes, DA FIVE?

He has always been with meeeeeeeeeeeee. ALWAYS. D:

ASKED BY Member 1237592 6 days, 2 hours ago
TAGGED help, me, i, want, my, dog, love, backthanks, behaviorproblems IN Behavior & Training

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Please help :-(?

I have a 7 month old Cur, we believe she's part pitbull too. I understand she is still technically a puppy, but some of her habits are wearing in…

ASKED BY Member 1237444 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED chew, chewing, shred, destroy, problem, help IN Chewing

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Puppy help? (ROUNDworm, skin irritation etc)?

I'm puppy siting for a friend. she told me that the dog previously had roundworms but was treated by the vet about 2 months ago and put on the…

ASKED BY Member 1235013 on 10/2/14
TAGGED skinirritation, roundworm, yellowandredpatches, help IN Worms & Parasites

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Help with labrador training?

My 1yo Labrador is isnt agressive at all but she is incredibly hyper. She likes to jump/lunge/run when we are on walks. We did have a short leash…

ASKED BY Member 1233889 on 9/12/14
TAGGED hyper, labrador, puppy, help, walking, leads IN Behavior & Training

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My dog just ate a corn cob, what should i do? can it hurt her?

she is a two yr old golden retriever, i am just really worried .... yikes! i don't think she can digest it.... suggestions?

ASKED BY Member 1232920 on 8/27/14
TAGGED ate, digest, process, throwup, blockage, corncob, hurt, help IN Emergencies & First Aid


Please help?

I really want to help out local shelters and dog rescues around my area. I am already a volunteer but I want to become a foster because I see a lot of…

ASKED BY Zoey on 8/16/14
TAGGED rescue, shelter, help IN Fostering a Pet

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Will it get better? German shepherd of 10 weeks is so hard to train and I want to give up?

So i'm 21 years old and I'm currently living by myself raising a 10 week old German Shepherd. I've had him for a week and already he's driving me…

ASKED BY Member 1232016 on 8/15/14
TAGGED aggression, naughty, puppy, germanshepherd, biting, separationanxiety, help, crying, stress, hyperactive, crate, training IN Separation Anxiety

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