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Shnorkie eye goo?

My shnorkie has really bad eye goo in the corners of her eyes. On one side the hair is all hard and matted and the other looks like its starting to be…

ASKED BY Member 1246221 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED eye, goo, puppy, shnauzer, yorkie, medical, help, sore, open, matted, hair, irritation IN Home Grooming

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The long term effects of keeping a dog in a cage all day?

My boyfriend's parents (they live in Japan) have two dogs and six cats. One of the dogs is a toy poodle with free range of the house. The other is a…

ASKED BY Member 1246107 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED cage, mentalhealth, bigdog, abuse, help IN Socialization

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I need advice/help with my 2.5 year old Akita?

My dog is my world. He's an almost 3 year old Akita and he's huge, weighing 155 lbs but totally fit and healthy. Anyways, I was a dog trainer for…

ASKED BY Member 1246088 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED akita, children, biting, aggression, behavior, training, rehome, help IN Behavior & Training

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Service Dog Question: Alerts?

Okay. I have a Medical alert/Psychiatric Service Dog named Toretto who is an American Bulldog. He is 75 lbs of muscle and love. He alerts me to…

ASKED BY Member 1245838 on 4/27/15
TAGGED servicedog, service, dog, training, alerts, ptsd, sd, psd, medicalalert, psychiatric, medical, alert, fainting, migraines, flashbacks, help IN Behavior & Training

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Hi my st bernard is 63 days pregnant and still not showing any sign of labor?

Hi my st bernard is 63 days pregnant from the last mating i.e on 20th feb and today is 24th april. She is still not showing any signs of labor, she is…

ASKED BY Member 1245677 on 4/23/15
TAGGED stbernard, pregnant, whelping IN Breeds

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