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Why is my dog aggressive to guide dogs? How does he know the difference between a guide dog and a normal dog?

When my dog (Chico) is on the lead, the majority of the time when he sees a dog he will pull to greet it friendlily. Occasionally his posture will…

ASKED BY Member 1243990 on 3/19/15
TAGGED aggression, guidedogs, training IN Aggression


I want to get into therapy work with my dog, but first i need some help?

Ok, i did do some research, and i found out that we need to get the CGC out of the way first. i dont have the money for it, however, and i was…

ASKED BY Rocket on 12/14/12
TAGGED needhelpandguidencewiththerapywok IN Laws & Legislation

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Help with really long flight and my service dog?

Hello, i am fliying to brazil with my new servico dog, i have trained her myself, i am looseing my hearing, and has been a very difficult time for…

ASKED BY Member 1130361 on 9/11/12
TAGGED service, guide, travel, plane, flight IN Air Travel

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

Should I use guide wires?

Silvia knows how to weave but she isn't very fast. I was wondering if using guide wires would help her to get faster.

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 8/27/10
TAGGED need, faster, weaves, will, guide, wires, help IN Agility & Sports

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I am looking for a grooming blade guide?

I know Andis has one on their website, but I can't save it or print it out. Does anyone know of a website that will allow the blade guide to be…

ASKED BY Member 641678 on 6/7/08
TAGGED groomingbladeguidetoprintout IN Professional Grooming