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Moving a dogs normal potty place?

My husband and I are renting our townhome. It has a small patch of fake grass and we had our dog go potty there. Now after a year it stinks.. Bad…

ASKED BY Member 1217942 on 3/24/14
TAGGED pottyplace, fakegrass IN Behavior & Training

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How do we get Sierra to potty where she used to?

Sierra normally go's potty in one location. We've always been so proud of her! The yard has always been dirt and rock. This spring we installed sod…

ASKED BY Member 1170432 on 5/15/13
TAGGED potty, poop, grass IN Other Behavior & Training

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Is there a natual inexpensive way to keep the grass from turning yellow after my dog urinates?

I worry about giving her those tablets with chemicals just so my grass looks nice but right now my yard is a yellow disaster.

ASKED BY Member 1147982 on 1/3/13
TAGGED grass, yellow, urine IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My dog is sneezing blood she has been out side today and its been warm and my friend said it might be a grass seed?

My dog is sneezing blood she has been out side today and its been warm and my friend said it might be a grass seed up her nose can anyone please…

ASKED BY Member 1143203 on 12/1/12
TAGGED grassseed IN The Dogster Website

Ace VonHaus

My Rottweiler eats grass a lot every day since he got to our house 7 years ago. Is this normal?

The Vet said nothing is wrong, but I just want to know what others think. He eats dog food normally, but he love eating grass.

ASKED BY Ace VonHaus on 11/7/12
TAGGED food, grass, rottweiler IN Food & Nutrition

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Puppy has Upset Stomach least once every two weeks?

Hi everyone, I have a 10 month old male lab mix. I'm a little concerned because every week or at least once every two weeks he wakes me up around 2 or…

ASKED BY Member 1137693 on 10/26/12
TAGGED stomach, sounds, sick, eatinggrass, puppy, labmix, monthsold IN Other Health & Wellness


How to get puppy's energy out in the winter?

My 8-9 week old Boston Terrier puppy gets chilly even inside when the a/c gets low... she typically shivers if it's below 70. I have a little…

ASKED BY Jane on 10/18/12
TAGGED bostonterrier, puppy, crate, energy, training, outside, cold, chilly, grass, walk, harness, leash IN Exercise & Play

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