Soft Stools and Bad Gas…..Help?

I have a 14 mo old Weimaraner that has soft stools and bad gas. He has had soft stools and (on and off again) gas since I got him at 8 weeks old…

ASKED BY Oliver on 3/31/14
TAGGED loosestools, badgas, grainfree, sensitivestomach, raw IN Food & Nutrition

Guest Member Since

MERRICK GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD. I have a 4 yr old lab/pit mix?

MERRICK GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD. I have a 4 yr old lab/pit mix and have been feeding him purina his whole life. I knew this food was bad so i switched…

ASKED BY Member 1210376 on 1/19/14
TAGGED food, merrick, grainfree, lap, pit IN Food & Nutrition


The anti corn trend?

There is so much talk now about "good" dog foods that I'm not even sure what to believe anymore. Grain free and raw seem to be the new trend at the…

ASKED BY Jackie on 1/16/14
TAGGED corn, raw, grainfree, iams, pedigree, purina, nutrition IN Pet Food

Bella Nala Clary

Has anyone else seen ill effects of feeding Purina brand food to your dogs?

I try to feed my dog better food (grain free usually), but due to financial reasons (60 bucks a bag vs. 20 bucks a bag, 120 lb dog! You do the math) I…

ASKED BY Bella Nala Clary on 1/23/13
TAGGED purina, food, grainfree, strange IN Food & Nutrition

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Is a grain-free diet best for a chihuahua?

I have a chi that is currently on Wellness Super5Mix Small Breed food (which she is doing very well on) but I was thinking of going grain-free and…

ASKED BY Member 895729 on 9/30/09
TAGGED chihuahua, grainfree, wellness IN Food & Nutrition

Miss Priss

I know someone was asking about the NEW SoJO dog food mix - meat already added...I found it today?

SOJO Dog Food Holistic Grain free mix Now has the meat added: Someone asked about this the other day on Dogster...Here is the info... I am going to…

ASKED BY Miss Priss on 4/15/09
TAGGED sojodogfood, grainfreedogfood, feeding, pethealth, holisticdogfood IN Food & Nutrition

Joey (Angel Dog 2001-03/12/14)

Could a grain free diet cause problems with a dog's ability to express anal glands?

We've had Joey for two years with no anal sac issues, but within a few months of switching him over to TOTW, he started "scooting". Our vet confirmed…

ASKED BY Joey (Angel Dog 2001-03/12/14) on 2/26/09
TAGGED analglands, grainfree, highprotein, diet IN Other Food & Nutrition


I'd like opinions on: Holistic, Grain Free, All Stages, Dry Dog Food.. What's good, What's worked for you and what hasnt?

ie: Orijen, Wellness-Old Mother Hubbard, Merricks-Before Grain, Natura-Evo/Innova, Canidae, Fromm, Eagle Pack, Solid Gold etc. I have a 4 month old…

ASKED BY Bambino on 2/16/09
TAGGED holistic, grainfree, allstages, drydogfood IN Pet Food

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