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How to get our new shelter dog and cat to get along?

We have a new shelter dog (said was find with cats). However, she wines, barks, stares, and has tried to lunge after our cat (she behaves this way…

ASKED BY Member 1243585 on 3/10/15
TAGGED cat, dog, preydrive, gettingalong, training, multipethome IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have an 8 almost 9 month old male Chinese shar pei he has an amazing personality and temperment even the vet comments?

I will be home with them for about 3 months over the summer.

ASKED BY Member 1169794 on 5/18/13
TAGGED newpuppy, currentdog, gettingalong IN Adoption & Rescue

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I have a 3 yr old male, rescue shepherd/collie mix. We want to rescue a kitten. Will there be a problem with two males?

Male dog and Male kitten - any alpha male issues?

ASKED BY Member 1124013 on 8/4/12
TAGGED kitten, gettingalong, alphamale, dominance IN Other Behavior & Training

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My stepdog, Banks, and my mom's dog, Cosmo, do not get along! Are they jealous over my dog, Malachi?

I have a poodle mix dog named Malachi and I recently got married and now have a stepdog, a poodle named Banks. Banks and Malachi love each other and…

ASKED BY Member 1027614 on 3/23/11
TAGGED fighting, gettingalong, jealous, neutured IN Socialization

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Will my 8yr old female shih tzu get along with my 10 week old female toy rat terrier puppy? how long will it take?

i saw changes in my shih tzu ever since i bought home a new puppy toy rat terrier. she doesn't want to play with me or sleep with me. the puppy…

ASKED BY Member 1024131 on 2/20/11
TAGGED oldershihtzu, puppytoyratterriergettingalong IN Behavior & Training

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How can I help my dog overcome her fear and distrust of other dogs?

My dog Sunshine is 3 years old. I've had her since she was 10 months old. Over the last couple of years while walking her around my neighborhood…

ASKED BY Member 992444 on 6/14/10
TAGGED socialization, dogsgettingalong, dogfriends, dogpark, dogpark IN Socialization


My chi has issues getting along with a dashund , anyone have a dashund with a chi with same issues , how can i get these?

My dashund and chi aren't getting along , the chi is very snappy at the dashund and i really have to seperate them with the gate! I hate to do it to…

ASKED BY Dixie on 1/11/10
TAGGED notgettingalong IN Puppies

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