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I have a 1 year old French Bulldog, when I leave the house to go to work he ends up destroying the sofa?

Is there any suggestions that could help us to get him out of this habit?! We have tried covering the sofa etc but he digs the blankets etc out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1202809 on 12/5/13
TAGGED separation, chewing, digging, sofa, furniture, homealone IN Separation Anxiety

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My Husky / Border Collie mix was shaved at the shelter before we adopted him, will it grow back?

We just adopted a Husky / Border Collie mix that was shaved at the shelter/rescue he was at because he was a stray and they wanted to make sure he…

ASKED BY Member 1175809 on 6/17/13
TAGGED husky, bordercollie, collie, coat, fur, shaved, shave IN Home Grooming


Would shaving ruin my Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky's strange coat?

First off, I have no intention of shaving him, this is merely out of curiosity. He is a Siberian Husky/Golden retriever mix with a weird fur…

ASKED BY Duke on 6/3/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, siberianhusky, furtype, strange IN Professional Grooming

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My Bichon Frise hair on his lower jaw has turned real dark, why?

Tumis Fur below his mouth (lower Jaw) has turned a Dark Brown and does not wash away. Like it is stained.

ASKED BY Member 1151915 on 1/25/13
TAGGED furstainned IN Health & Wellness

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Could my dog loosing alot a hair be caused by the food she its?

8 year old, Mixed Black Lab refused to come in the house from the vehicle. Even growls if I try to be forceful, so I just left her there. I've…

ASKED BY Member 1137033 on 10/22/12
TAGGED looseoffur, testy IN Behavior & Training

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Did I catch the fleas in time?

I went to my friends house who owns 2 dogs and cats. She did not tell me about her flea problem until AFTER I was there. My dog had no fleas until…

ASKED BY Member 1133074 on 9/27/12
TAGGED fleas, adamsfleaandtickrepellant, hartzfurnitureandcarpetspray IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My 3yr old chow is loosing her fur and she itchy. What can I do for her? She goes outside back with running eyes?

I would love to see a vet, but since loosing my job it is hard to find a vet that does not cost so much.

ASKED BY Member 1110749 on 5/14/12
TAGGED loosingfur IN Health & Wellness

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