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What if you don't have a dog and your kids want it?

Yes, its great to play with your own dog. But what if you don't have one? Then the question is if you are ready, how to take care.. An interesting…

ASKED BY Member 1201783 on 11/28/13
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Why is my rescue licking herself raw and is there a natural or over the counter remedy?

My rescue pup has been licking herself, specifically her leg, ever since she was groomed a few weeks ago. She has always licked, but not this…

ASKED BY Member 1185141 on 8/11/13
TAGGED licking, skin, sick, allergies, fungal, leg IN Skin Problems


Could my dog have a fungal infection?

I noticed that Skye has got patches of yellow fungus like growths on her paw pads, I thought it was just the paws being worn out at first but now…

ASKED BY Skye on 1/3/13
TAGGED fungus, paw, skin, infection, allergies IN Skin Problems

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Am I entitled to a Refund?

Hello Wondering if I could get some advice. After deciding to get a dog, researching the type of breed we wanted with the right temperment…

ASKED BY Member 1136993 on 10/22/12
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My mom doesn't buy things for our dog. (not sure?)?

Well we never got a collar tag for our dog until a few months ago ( my dog is almost 3). Everyone else also said that the furminator is a rip off…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
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My 6 mths old pug has got inflammation around his neck. I think it is fungal infection. his neck is red now. Please help?

I have used beta-dine solution and salt water on his neck.

ASKED BY Member 1108751 on 5/1/12
TAGGED skin, infection, fungal IN Allergies

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Lonely or bored? I NEED YOUR HELP FAST!!!! URGENT?

My Jack Russell Terrier Mix seems lonely or maybe bored. The only time he gets excited is when I take him on walks. Of course, I can't do that all the…

ASKED BY Member 1103337 on 4/22/12
TAGGED lonelydog, bored, funstufftodo IN Other Behavior & Training

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Does ne one know if pet smart refunds training classes? We pail 219.00 n July 2010. Dog never went?

paid 219.00 dog got sick then me.....took carbon receipt to local store n was told they won't honer refund from 2010. Manager cud not show me policy…

ASKED BY Member 1076895 on 12/11/11
TAGGED refunds, training, dogs IN Behavior & Training

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