Dogs paw swollen between her toes, what to do? What is it?

My dog has a small cut in between her toes, but now it is all red and swollen and she won't stop licking it. I have wrapped it up to stop her from…

ASKED BY Miniature on 4/12/14
TAGGED swollenfoot, firstaid, footsoak, cut, swollenpaw, betweentoe IN Emergencies & First Aid

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What is this huge red hard bump on my dogs leg?

This morning I noticed my 8 month old Aussie puppy licking just above his foot so about his ankle, I didnt see anything when I looked at it. But when…

ASKED BY Member 1200709 on 11/21/13
TAGGED boil, pimple, red, hard, swollen, licking, foot, leg, irritated IN Skin Problems


Dog booties for hot weather?

I will be moving to a more urban area soon, meaning my dogs will be walking on concrete a lot more than they ever have. I recently had the smallest of…

ASKED BY Laika on 6/28/13
TAGGED footprotection, booties, warmweather, concrete, walks IN Apparel

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Got a growth on my Pugs foot not sure what to do? *HELP?

This is on my black 11 year old pugs (Zoe) rear foot. Anyone see anything like this before? It grew in a matter of a week and I have been treating…

ASKED BY Member 1175993 on 6/18/13
TAGGED foot, footsore, growth, footgrowth, feetissues IN Senior Pet

Snow, Poochon Angel

My Dog hurt his foot?

Today we came back home and Snow ran up to me as usual. He just got up from a nap so he stretched and then he cried loudly. His hind leg is bent now…

ASKED BY Snow, Poochon Angel on 2/23/13
TAGGED paw, hurt, dog, stretch, pull, foot, muscle, broke IN Health & Wellness

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Foot pad damage?

Foot pad looks like it is 90% torn off. What should we do for him?

ASKED BY Member 1119872 on 7/10/12
TAGGED footpads, torned IN Health & Wellness

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Our dog spins & bites his back paw hard enough to bleed when he gets upset or is corrected. What can we do to stop him?

He was rescued when 10 months old and had this spinning behavior intensely then. He would do it just about all the time. We were told he had been…

ASKED BY Member 1119530 on 7/7/12
TAGGED spins, growls, bitesfoot IN Behavior & Training

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