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My dog throws up whenever we take him for a walk. Smelling or seeing dogs makes it happen faster. He is fine at home?

He is 2.5 years old and has been doing this for 1.5 years :( He is neutered. We have tried anxiety medications, pepto bismal, anti acid meds…

ASKED BY Member 1140214 on 11/11/12
TAGGED walk, sick, foam, bile IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my dog keep drinking my dressed 10 year old bitches urine and foam at the mouth?

I have a 10 year old dressed bitch, and a 4 year old dog. They are both Staffordshire terriers. My dog keeps drinking her urine every time she goes to…

ASKED BY Member 1109629 on 5/7/12
TAGGED staffy, urine, licking, foaming IN Other Health & Wellness

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Pugalier has been throwing up every half hour to an hour today. White foam with clear liquid, one had stones in it?

I think he may have swallowed stones or a piece of fresh beef bone from the butcher. I have looked at his gums and felt and listened to his tummy, all…

ASKED BY Member 1064565 on 10/19/11
TAGGED swallow, bone, rocks, stones, vomit, bile, foam, white, frequent, pugalier, water, normal, behaviour, tired IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


Dog vomits white foam on walks?

My two year old dog would consistently vomit white foam whilst out on a walk. After seeing two different vets he'd undergone exploratory surgery…

ASKED BY Billy on 5/1/11
TAGGED beingsickonwalks, whitefoam, vomitingonwalks, throwinguponwalks IN Health & Wellness


Why does my dog vomit white foam on exercise / sniffing?

My Border Terrier dog, Billy vomits white foam on walks. We've been to two different vets and he's been X rayed, scanned, had blood tests, antibiotics…

ASKED BY Billy on 1/16/11
TAGGED whitefoamyvomit, vomitonexercise, vomitaftersniffing IN Health & Wellness


My friends dog has white foamy-drool when it goes to the dog beach?

As soon as his dog gets to the beach it starts manufesting a white thick foam from his mouth. My friend asked me several times to bring my…

ASKED BY Asta on 8/2/10
TAGGED white, foam, dog, beach IN Illness & Disease

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I have a 8 month puppie and he had went out side in the garden and came back foaming at the mouth. she said he ate a bad?

he has had parvo and distemper shots already and he has never done this before. there are no vet clinics open this late where i live. i need…

ASKED BY Member 994323 on 6/26/10
TAGGED illergicreactiontoplants, piosoningfromplants, foamingatmouth IN Illness & Disease

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3yr old Mastiff is constantly eating dirt then vomiting.…

My family's 3yr old Mastiff Koda, just had his 3rd surgery. Unfortunately the big guy has leg and hip issues, lucky for him, this 3rd surgery made him…

ASKED BY Member 812436 on 3/7/09
TAGGED vomit, dirt, surgery, foam IN Health & Wellness

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