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Trouble finding Native American Indian Dog Breeder?

My wife and I are in love with Native American Indian Dogs and are having extreme trouble finding a breeder! please help!

ASKED BY Member 1236714 on 11/2/14
TAGGED breeder, puppies, find, search, naid, native, american, indian, dog IN Puppies


Is there any way I can find Caspian's brother?

Hi. Caspian's brother ended up in a shelter. I posted an add on craigslist saying Oreo is at the shelter and he needs a home. Someone answered and…

ASKED BY Caspian on 4/23/13
TAGGED find, help, oreo IN News & Events

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I found a treeing walker coonhound, and can't keep him. Please tell me where I can take him so he will be safe. I've tr?

The treeing walker coonhound I found is very sweet and loveable. He constantly wants to be by me. I have tried for 4 weeks to find his owner, with…

ASKED BY Member 1157438 on 2/28/13
TAGGED findhome, safe, wontbeuthenized IN Adoption & Rescue


Finding a new home for this ChiWeenie?

I have a doggie in my home, Jack, who is desperately searching for a new home. I've had very bad luck with Craiglist, and my local animal shelter…

ASKED BY Jack on 10/19/12
TAGGED findingaforeverhome, dogadoption, petadoption, craiglist, animalshelters IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Its been a year since I logged on Dogster,now I can't recall the email&password I used.HELP!BetinaForemanRealtor@yahoo.c?

I can see my Dogs profiles on the site, but I have a million email addresses and can't recall which one I used for the site. My boy has cancer and I…

ASKED BY Member 1128006 on 8/28/12
TAGGED logon, findaccount, lostaccount, help, austin, resetpassword IN The Dogster Website

Mikey *adopted*

How do I add info about my adoptable dog?

I'm fostering a sweet Beagle and I thought making her a dogster page might help her get adopted. If you click on "Adoption" in the tabs above, it…

ASKED BY Mikey *adopted* on 12/9/11
TAGGED adoption, petfinder, beagle, page, help IN The Dogster Website


Anyone have a lost or found dog?

go to to advertise it and get more help. its k9 amberalert and gets featured from time to time on the news!

ASKED BY Chuey on 8/5/11
TAGGED lost, found, dog, find, toto IN Bringing Your Pet Home

♥   Ko Min   ♥

I'm looking for a "good" vet. What exactly does being a FEATURED VET in Dogster's "Vet finder" mean?

Have the featured Vets been checked out, or recommended, or shown specific credentials? Or have they paid to be featured? Or are they just…

ASKED BY ♥ Ko Min ♥ on 4/20/11
TAGGED vetfinder, veterinarians, findingavet, vetreviews IN Other Health & Wellness

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