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My pet dogs seriously fighting to attack each other, why is this happening?

I have a Labrador 5 years old male, German Shepherd 1n1/2 year old Male and Daschund of 1n1/2 year old Male. all the dogs are house owned by us…

ASKED BY Member 1237037 2 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED germanshepherd, labrador, aggression, serious, fighting, attacking IN Aggression

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My dogs are fighting?

We used to have three dogs. Two Irish terriers(brothers) and one smaller dog. The two irish terriers were fighting all the time and the smaller dog…

ASKED BY Member 1213735 on 3/1/14
TAGGED fighting, scared IN Behavior & Training


I need to figure out how to get my dog and a friends rescue dog to get along?

A good friend of mine adopted a German Shep. mix from a rescue yesterday and after a few hours we ran into some problems. We brought her dog, Parvati…

ASKED BY Cooper on 10/16/13
TAGGED fighting, play, help IN Health & Wellness

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My 2 Dogs Play Fight Constantly (One puppy is new, other is over a year - boy and girl)?

Hi, I have 2 dogs, a Victorian Bulldog (1yr 4months, female) and a new puppy I bought 3 days ago, who's a Bullmastiff (male, 14 weeks old). They…

ASKED BY Member 1194688 on 10/16/13
TAGGED bullmastiff, bulldog, playfighting, snapping IN Other Behavior & Training


My dog is currently starting to pick fights, I don't understand why - help?

Elie and I had a very strong bond because when she was a pup my grandparents made me take her everywhere I went unless it was school or work. Now…

ASKED BY Elie on 8/20/13
TAGGED aggression, fighting, never, happened, great, dane, boxer, social, anxiety, seperation IN Aggression

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How to keep a Altman English Bulldog from fighting with other dogs in the house?

Everytime the dogs get around each other they seem to have to fight. Around food and around the kitchen table. How would i keep this from happing or…

ASKED BY Member 1150731 on 1/18/13
TAGGED food, fighting IN Behavior & Training


How do I stop my shih tzu, Bailey, from being so agressive towards other dogs?

My dog, Bailey, is a gray and white female shih tzu. She loves people, and is very cuddly, but she hates other dogs, and will just go after them for…

ASKED BY Bailey on 11/30/12
TAGGED fighting, agression, hatesotherdogs, baddog IN Aggression

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