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How to get my dog to bring the ball back fully?

About a month ago, I rescued a Kelpie X from the RSPCA (in Australia) named Peanut. Recently she has been bringing the ball back halfway, out of…

ASKED BY Member 1240144 on 1/21/15
TAGGED training, fetch, kelpie, ball IN Behavior & Training


How to make my puppy play?

I have just adopted a 3.5 Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppy (mixed with what, who knows, the rescue didn't even know if she is a legitimate Bernese or…

ASKED BY Sansa on 3/26/14
TAGGED play, puppy, toys, wrestle, tug, walks, fetch, please, help IN Exercise & Play

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How do I get my French Bulldog to drop the ball when we play fetch?

She does well for the 1st 10-15 minutes of playing but then will not drop the ball. How do I train her to "drop it?"

ASKED BY Member 1130429 on 9/12/12
TAGGED fetch, ball, dropit IN Methods of Training


How do I stop my Jack russel terrier/fox terrier obsession with a ball?

He is driving us nuts! He gives us the ball and if we throw it he doesn't stop wanting to play fetch even if he is very tired. And if we don't throw…

ASKED BY Blossom on 4/3/12
TAGGED chewing, biting, nipping, ball, fetch, obsession IN Other Behavior & Training


How do I teach my Jack Russell Terrier to play fetch?

My dogs a Jack Russell Terrier and whenever I try to teach him fetch, I would throw it and he would get it but when he comes back he wouldn't let go…

ASKED BY Buzz on 11/17/11
TAGGED jackrussellterrier, howtoteachfetch IN Aggression

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How to teach my dog to play fetch with with something other than sticks?

I have recently adopted a border collie cross Staffy. She is 4 and is a clever, beautifully natured dog. she loves to play fetch, however only with…

ASKED BY Member 1063546 on 10/15/11
TAGGED sticks, stick, fetch, train, training IN Methods of Training

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How do i teach my dog to play fetch and play nicely with other dogs?

I got my dog a while back from my neighbor and i didn't play with him like i should have and just put too much discipline on him for small things (i…

ASKED BY Member 1057039 on 9/18/11
TAGGED fetch, training IN Behavior & Training

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