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My 6yo catahoula mutt is exhibiting weird behavior. She is "farting" when she sits, has peed (I think) on me/couch, lick?

she seems surprised/distressed by the fart like it just leaked out. I don't notice smell all the time but have been offering out as much as possible…

ASKED BY Member 1143173 on 11/30/12
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What can I give my Rottweiler to help make her less gasy?

My 17month old Rottie Xena can let out some farts that can send you running from the room and she is a inside dog so there is little escape from is…

ASKED BY Member 831483 on 4/30/09
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Is farting a health problem?

My dog, Jet has been farting a lot in the past week. I don't know if it's a health problem or not. He has been eating canned pumpkin in his food for a…

ASKED BY Jet on 1/2/09
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My dog is doing something very wierd, My Pit Bull terrier has been making weird noises Im worried someting is wrong?

My baby girl Lacie Maye has been gagging, and she keeps licking the carpet, or blanket, or chair, (whereever she is laying). While she is doing this…

ASKED BY Member 647313 on 7/3/08
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