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Is my dog sick? (Excessive shedding and irregular bowel movements)?

My dog is a two year old shepherd/husky mix (so obviously I am used to a ton of shedding). He is feed a fish based diet through Blue Buffalo and is…

ASKED BY Member 1197809 on 11/5/13
TAGGED excessiveshedding, frequentbowelmovements IN Health & Wellness

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How do I get my 5 month old kitten to get along with my older cat and dog? How do I get my dog to stop barking?

I have a 15 yr old Shih Tzu which has cataracts and glaucoma. I also have an 8 yr old femaile cat that was a stray. Recently I found a stray kitten on…

ASKED BY Member 713109 on 8/2/13
TAGGED seniordog, excessivebarking, bothersomekitten IN Other Behavior & Training

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Extremely excessive anxiety in a rescued 5 year old Lhasa mix?

how to handle really excessive anxiety ( dog goes nearly ballistic) whenever we leave him ( even trying to get out of) in the car, even if one of us…

ASKED BY Member 1104768 on 4/8/12
TAGGED excessiveanxietyexcessivebarking IN Behavior & Training

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10 month old pug obsessively smelling and licking 10 week old female beagle?

We got our beagle 2 weeks ago and our pug has been smelling her butt and licking her vagina literally nonstop ever since. She runs around the house on…

ASKED BY Member 1088205 on 1/29/12
TAGGED obsessivelicking, excessivesmelling IN Behavior & Training

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My 12 yr old black lab is drooling heavily and very sluggish. He refuses to eat & he wont stand up. Body temp is low?

My 12 yr old (approx) Black Lab has been steadily getting more and more sluggish throughout the last few days, and now tonight he wont even stand…

ASKED BY Member 1086255 on 1/21/12
TAGGED sluggish, lethargic, wonteat, wontstand, drooling, excessivedrooling IN Emergencies & First Aid

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I found a dog a week ago. He has excessive mucus around his eyes and is very frail and skinny. He is also very slow?

he was near my house so i took him in. He is very small but the vet told me he is not a puppy. I couldn't afford to run tests AND buy the pills for…

ASKED BY Member 1057331 on 9/19/11
TAGGED dog, sick, frail, excessivemucus, brittlehair, skinny IN Illness & Disease

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