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What can I do to discourage my puppy from being so active in the house while he is recovering from leg injury?

My puppy, of almost a year old, hurt his hind leg, playing fetch and slipping. The vet prescribed him NSAID and rest - No jumping around or walking…

ASKED BY Member 1230938 on 3/30/15
TAGGED injury, hyper, discourage, movement, acl, excercise, rest IN Emergencies & First Aid


Hi all. I am getting a pug puppy next month and I would just like some advice with feeding and training etc?

This will be my very first Pug and I would like to get it right. I have always owned Staffordshire Bull Terriers so I do have experience with dogs…

ASKED BY Benson on 2/17/15
TAGGED training, feeding, excercise IN Puppies


I know dogs overheat so much faster than we do, what are warning signs of heat exhaustion? Prevention? Aid? Causes?

I started running my crazy mutts a few months ago when I discovered that a short run, along with their normal playtime in the yard, meant a much…

ASKED BY Hank on 6/28/12
TAGGED heat, running, excercise IN Exercise

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Is there a Dog Play Group, or doggie dating, in Brisbane, my pooch needs a mate to play with?

Arty, my Jack Russel cross Aussie Terrier, is 2 and full of fun and energy. He loves other dogs (larger dogs are a little intimidating) and loves…

ASKED BY Member 988973 on 5/25/10
TAGGED play, excercise, brisbane IN Exercise

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What type of owner would u recommend for a presa canario? Family dog? Good wkids? Other pets? how much excercise reqd?

I like mastiffs and the look of this breed but do not know alot about it. I already have 3 this a bad idea. also have kids.

ASKED BY Member 835149 on 5/11/09
TAGGED presacanario, excercise, dogs, pets, pitbull, mastiffs, familypet IN Behavior & Training


Are there any other activities that I can do indoors with Tiffy?

It feels like Winter outside, way too cold to go out and play. Tiffy is an extrememly hyper dog who needs to have her excercise or she won't know what…

ASKED BY ♥Tiffy♥ on 11/18/08
TAGGED indoors, excercise, energy IN Exercise

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Walks without emotions?

I adopted a 1 yr old boxer female 1 week back. She is very weak (you can count her ribs, see her hip bones and back bone). She was being kept inside…

ASKED BY Member 660560 on 7/24/08
TAGGED walks, excercise IN Leash Walking


Can a dog get too much excersise? How much excersise is enough? This is really going to be like 2 questions in 1?

I take Tiffy for a walk in the morning and in the evening, both about 20 minutes. Once I get home from work, I will take her outside and we play fetch…

ASKED BY ♥Tiffy♥ on 7/23/08
TAGGED toys, excercise IN Other Behavior & Training

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