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Urgent! My dog tried to attack me. Training? Rehoming? Euthanasia? Help?

My dog tried to attack me tonight. I was holding onto his collor, trying to get something from him, when he got extremely vicious. I've seen signs…

ASKED BY Member 1160770 on 5/12/14
TAGGED aggression, rehome, urgent, euthanasia, attack, trainers, redheelers, australiancattledog, dominance IN Aggression

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We are planning to euthanize my dog this weekend, but I don't know if it's time?

He's 13 year old mutt and my vet is going to come to the house for a euthanasia. He has lost most of his hearing, and in the last 4 months or so he…

ASKED BY Member 1215860 on 3/13/14
TAGGED euthanasia, help IN Senior Pet

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Should I put my animal-aggressive chow to sleep? He's a Jekyll/Hyde.…

I've read the posts about putting aggressive dogs to sleep, and they are so split, but here goes... My dog is a senior - he's about 11 years old…

ASKED BY Member 1138005 on 10/28/12
TAGGED aggression, dogs, euthanasia, senior, chow IN Behavior & Training

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HELP! I'm 39 weeks pregnant, living in a one bedroom with my loving but aggressive dog. Need advice?

Hi! Puppy is a pomchi I had to take over caring for from my daughter. I'm 42, about to have a baby and my financial situation is bad as I lost my…

ASKED BY Member 1106924 on 4/21/12
TAGGED behavior, baby, barking, aggressiveness, adoptable, euthanasia, pomchi IN Adoption & Rescue

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I have a 19 yr. old Chow/Lab that needs to be put to sleep and I don't have any money to do this with. I originally want?

I originally wanted to get him cremated so I could have his ashes. But the other day, I took a long hard look at this situation, and realized I was…

ASKED BY Member 1101405 on 3/21/12
TAGGED euthanasia, sleep, old, cremation, bestfriend IN Illness & Disease

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Opinions on when to put dog to sleep?

I have a nearly 15 year old golden retriever which I've had since a puppy. His hips are really bad with arthritis and has great difficulty getting…

ASKED BY Member 1085241 on 1/17/12
TAGGED euthanasia, puttingtosleep IN Health & Wellness

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How do I deal with the death of my dog?

I just really need advice on how to deal with this. This is my first dog, and the only pet I have. I've had him since I was 4 years old. He's 14…

ASKED BY Otis Wills on 9/15/11
TAGGED loss, goodbye, euthanasia IN Loss of a Pet

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Should I go with my dad to put my dog (and best friend) down?

My dad is putting my dog down this week. Murphy is an almost 14 year old chocolate lab and unofficially has congestive heart failure. He is very…

ASKED BY Member 1037043 on 6/11/11
TAGGED lab, help, euthanasia, congestive, heart, failure, friend, put, down IN Loss of a Pet

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