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2 year old shih tzu had a erection which wouldnt go back in?

we put vaseline around the sheath and its gone back in but now he is lethargic and relutant to do anything. also it had clear fluid seeping from his…

ASKED BY Member 1142186 on 11/25/12
TAGGED penis, erection, swollen, lethargic IN Other Health & Wellness


My 100 Days OLD GSD puppy has erection…

My 100 Days OLD male GSD puppy has erection (Penis).. This happens 3-4 times in whole day, When he have erection he behaves like aggressive puppy…

ASKED BY Dob on 2/7/12
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Is my dog in pain after humping?

He's neutered, but humps his stuffed toy every night. Afterwards, his penis is fully erect and he stands there looking very uncomfortable until it…

ASKED BY Member 1000049 on 8/10/10
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How do you stop a neutered dog from humping with erections?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me before my mom bans me from the dog park. I'm a neutered 1 year old who is normally very submissive but for…

ASKED BY Higgins on 3/21/09
TAGGED humping, pointer, erection, neutered IN Socialization

Sir Douglas

Does a puppy's FULL erection hurt them or do they scared when it happens for the first time?

Today at the dog park our 6mo. Basset/Beagle mix was humping another dog and got a FULL on erection, exposing even the knot. I pulled him away to…

ASKED BY Sir Douglas on 2/6/09
TAGGED humping, basset, beagle, erection, puppy IN Behavior & Training

Decimus, CGC

My 4 yo male German Shepherd is neutered. He gets erections and has involuntary humping that last for about 30 seconds?

His back hunches over and he can't seem to walk right and seems confused. He isnt humping on anything. He seems to get lumps on each side of his…

ASKED BY Decimus, CGC on 9/6/08
TAGGED erections, humping IN Spaying & Neutering

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Do I try to stop my 4 yr old dog from having erection lasting for over 10 minutes - how?

My dog just started having long lasting erections - mostly when my hubby and I sit down for "drinks" or have company for same drink time. Should I…

ASKED BY Member 711910 on 8/20/08
TAGGED erection, training, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training

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