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Emergency! I need my dog's behavior stopped fast. He yelps, spins, and whines like crazy?

Okay, so my dog is a miniature Doberman. We got him from the pound and when it's time to go to sleep and we put him in the kennel, he starts…

ASKED BY Member 1205450 on 12/21/13
TAGGED dog, spin, spinning, emergency, yelping, whining, doberman, pound, kennel IN Other Behavior & Training

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HELP!! My 3lb chihuahua inhaled meth?

I let an ex friend watch my baby Lucy for an hour this morning, & he had her in his small room with 4 other people smoking methamphetamine. One of the…

ASKED BY Member 1172377 on 5/28/13
TAGGED help, emergency, sick IN Emergencies & First Aid

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We were pet sitting for a friend and the dog was hit by a car and died. Who is responsible for paying the vet bill?

After the vet told the owners their dog had a 20-30% and then later a 5% chance of survival they continued to have more expensive procedures done. Are…

ASKED BY Member 1156264 on 2/20/13
TAGGED doghbc, dogsitting, emergency, vet, bill, responsible, party IN Laws & Legislation

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My dog ate a dirty diaper is there any possibility of serious harm?

He has not wanted to eat for a few days now and 4 days ago he was serverely constipated then yesterday and today he has had diarrea and he has been…

ASKED BY Member 1154984 on 2/12/13
TAGGED emergency IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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Wat happens if a dog accidently eats an ectoparasite control liquid?

ive not seen a vet until nw but im tensed about da situation n want to know if anything will happen

ASKED BY Member 1119688 on 7/9/12
TAGGED labrador, ingested, skinlotion, medicalemergency IN Health & Wellness

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Emergency Vet or Regular Vet?

My n'bor just came over with a dog emergency. She just found her 9 yr old shepherd mix in the yard and he is unable to get up. He can't control…

ASKED BY Member 1107000 on 4/21/12
TAGGED emergency, paralyzed IN Health & Wellness

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Does anyone know of a vet. in or around Laurens sc that will allow you to make payments for there services?

My puppy was hit in the rear end by a car that did not stop she can not stand up in her back end and is in a lot of pain i can not afford to pay in…

ASKED BY Member 1105490 on 4/12/12
TAGGED emergencytreatment, payments IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Anyone in San Antonio, TX need help for dog?

For Your Information (not an advertisement) Animal Care Services Volunteer: Guardian Angel…

ASKED BY Member 1101131 on 3/23/12
TAGGED sanantonio, texas, emergency, noappointment, volunteer, pet, dog, veterinary, twentyfourhours, sevendaysaweek IN Shelters & Rescue

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