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My dog won't eat?

We just got a hound mix on Tuesday and she is 5. The shelter told us she only eats wet food because dry food makes her cough and she used to eat…

ASKED BY Member 1228644 on 6/13/14
TAGGED hound, food, dry, canned, treats, turkey, eatingproblems IN Food & Nutrition

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My puppy doesn't eat much, doesn't like treats or wants to be trained, doesn't like it's crate and hides a lot?

My puppy is a border collie named Tyson and 9 weeks old, I got him on September the 3rd 2013 on a farm. Once I got him home he explored a little…

ASKED BY Member 1188644 on 9/5/13
TAGGED food, treats, training, crate, hiding IN Other Puppies

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How come, when ever my dogs get their treat, they drop it on the ground and spazz out over it, like they're scared of it?

It only happens with treats, not their food.

ASKED BY Member 1186035 on 8/17/13
TAGGED food, treats, behavior IN Fears & Phobias


Stopping mild food aggression before it becomes full blown?

My 15 pound Boston Terrier/Chihuahua is only food aggressive when it comes to treats, never with her actual food/food bowl. I am worried that this…

ASKED BY Laika on 6/20/13
TAGGED foodagression, mild, stoppingbehavior, treats IN Aggression

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My 12 year old dog is having trouble jumping onto our furniture. Should I be worried? Is she sick?

She has been more tired than usual and she hasn't been able to get on to our furniture that well. She used to be scared when you pick her up but…

ASKED BY Member 1156712 on 2/23/13
TAGGED sheeatsbenifulfool IN Senior Pet

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Dog recall help?

Hi, I've got a staffy called Faith and she's 1 and a half years old, she's a rescue dog as she was abandoned at 2weeks old. As she had no training…

ASKED BY Member 1147626 on 1/1/13
TAGGED treats, training, recall IN Jumping Up

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What other treats can I use to train my Bichon other than begging strips?

I have a new doggie I rescued, she is a year old and I'm trying to train her. However I usually use begging strips with my other dog and they work…

ASKED BY Member 1141146 on 11/17/12
TAGGED treats, begginstrips, training IN Methods of Training

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