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Puppy has Upset Stomach least once every two weeks?

Hi everyone, I have a 10 month old male lab mix. I'm a little concerned because every week or at least once every two weeks he wakes me up around 2 or…

ASKED BY Member 1137693 on 10/26/12
TAGGED stomach, sounds, sick, eatinggrass, puppy, labmix, monthsold IN Other Health & Wellness

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Food for 3 yr old Lab-Pointer Mix w/Sensitive Stomach?

Indiana is a three year old lab-pointer rescue in excellent health, other than a very sensitive stomach. All health problems have been ruled out…

ASKED BY Member 993155 on 6/19/10
TAGGED sensitivestomach, eatinggrass, loosestools IN Pet Food

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My dog is doing something very wierd, My Pit Bull terrier has been making weird noises Im worried someting is wrong?

My baby girl Lacie Maye has been gagging, and she keeps licking the carpet, or blanket, or chair, (whereever she is laying). While she is doing this…

ASKED BY Member 647313 on 7/3/08
TAGGED coughing, throwingup, farting, eatinggrass IN Emergencies & First Aid