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My dog is dry heaving and sneezing?

My dog is dry heaving and sneezing a lot. He is almost a year and a half and has never done this before. Im not sure wheather I should be super…

ASKED BY Member 1238278 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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What could possibly be causing my dog to feel ill?

For the last month or two my 13 month old pit bull mix has seemed to have a rather upset stomach on and off. There have been a few instances where…

ASKED BY Member 1186135 on 8/18/13
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MoonShadow has an odd, dry, rapid heaving sound and whines seemingly without reason?

hi! my baby girl has been haveing thisl little problem recently where she makes and odd sound like she is dry heaving. she also whimpers and whines…

ASKED BY MoonShadow on 10/28/12
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I have a 4 year old female chihhuahua/pomeranian. She has been having alot of dry heaving attacks?

She seems to only do it at night but in the last few days she does it some during the day too. She still is playfull and eats and drinks normal…

ASKED BY Member 738913 on 9/18/08
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