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What should I do? Another dog attacked my dog?

My dog and I entered a dog park where there was one other man and his dog in that park. After being inside near the entrance for about a minute, the…

ASKED BY Member 1246465 on 5/10/15
TAGGED dogattack IN Other Laws & Legislation


My dog was attacked by another dog, what should I do to prevent her from becoming fearful of other dogs?

Today my German Pointer x mastiff mix Violet was attacked by a German Shepherd on our daily walk. Both dogs were leashed but unfortunately he ripped…

ASKED BY Violet on 8/20/13
TAGGED dogattack, attack, fear, fearful, bite IN Other Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 10 month old Lakeland Terrier to stop going on a crazy attack on my sliding door even when it is close?

How do I get my Lakeland Terrier to stop attacking the sliding glass door base even when it is closed???

ASKED BY Member 1159012 on 3/16/13
TAGGED lakelandterrier, attackingdoor, crazyslidingdoorattacks, dogattackingthings IN Behavior & Training

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My dog almost attacked my sister?

My one year-old Great Pyrenees X tried to attack my sister today. She lunged at her, growling and hackles up. My sister is not hurt, but very…

ASKED BY Member 1123167 on 7/29/12
TAGGED attack, dogattack, bite, bit, biting, greatpyrenees, pyrenees, disobidience, shockcollar, comecommand, puppyaggression, aggression, peopleaggression IN Behavior & Training


I have a 4 year old Maltese. He recently has been attacked by 3 different dogs. I am really worried. Any suggestions?

He is aggressive on leash (doesn't bite, just growling). We have lived here for 2 years and never had a problem and now in the last 2 weeks 3…

ASKED BY Caesar on 3/30/11
TAGGED aggression, dogattacks, dogwalking IN Aggression

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One of my femaie dogs is attacking the other while we're not home, what do we do?

We have three dogs in a blended family. My husband brought his big lab/chow mix (m) into the family, and I brought my pitbull/boxer mix and beagle…

ASKED BY Member 957920 on 2/5/10
TAGGED dogattacks, femaiedogsfighting, aggression, behavior, packorder, alpha IN Behavior & Training

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