Please help! Which breed?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could please help identify this rescue puppy named unknown? Apparently a mix of unknown breeds. Foster carer…

ASKED BY Unknown 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED unknownbreedrottirottweilerdoberman IN Mixed Breeds

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Doberman elbow sores help?

My doberman always gets sores on his elbows from the hard floors and playing around. sometimes they bleed and puff up but usually go away the next…

ASKED BY Member 1225465 on 5/7/14
TAGGED doberman, elbow, bleeding, pain, sore IN Skin Problems

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Emergency! I need my dog's behavior stopped fast. He yelps, spins, and whines like crazy?

Okay, so my dog is a miniature Doberman. We got him from the pound and when it's time to go to sleep and we put him in the kennel, he starts…

ASKED BY Member 1205450 on 12/21/13
TAGGED dog, spin, spinning, emergency, yelping, whining, doberman, pound, kennel IN Other Behavior & Training

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What is the safest and most effective heart worm medication and flea and tick control on the market for adult Dobermans?

Which flea control/tick and heart worm protection is best to use for my 27 month old Doberman.I have concerns on some of the controls on the market…

ASKED BY Member 1157810 on 3/3/13
TAGGED doberman, flea, tick, heartworm, protection, product, safety IN Heartworm Control

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What is the breed of my dog?

I have had this dog 10 years now. But, I have never determined his breed. Here is his quick description: Large, Black & Brown, Long Tail, Looks a bit…

ASKED BY Member 1157724 on 3/3/13
TAGGED dogs, doberman, shepherd, labrador, mixedbreed, years, blackbrown, largedog, whatbreedishe IN Mixed Breeds


Bordetella: Can the intranasal be used orally?

I vaccinate my Dobe myself, and today was his due date for his annual vaccine, as well as his bordetella. I always do the six month intranasal for the…

ASKED BY Beau on 1/2/13
TAGGED bordetella, vaccine, oral, intranasal, doberman IN Health & Wellness

Katana  (fallen not forgotten)

Looking for a Doberman Rescue in Indiana?

My family just lost our doberman a couple weeks ago and we are wanting to donate to a doberman rescue in his memory. I think it will help us heal…

ASKED BY Katana (fallen not forgotten) on 9/2/12
TAGGED donating, memoryandhonor, dobermanrescue IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Prolonged reaction to Bordetella vaccine?

I administered a Bordetella vaccine to my dog, a three-year-old Doberman Pinscher, two weeks ago, and since then he's had on-again-off-again…

ASKED BY Member 1123153 on 7/29/12
TAGGED bordetella, vaccine, reaction, doberman, froth, hypersalivation IN Vaccinations

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