Animal control won't do anything I need help?

My neighbors dogs (4 of them maybe more) are not fixed and run around the neighbor hood all the time. They are dirty and skinny! They are almost…

ASKED BY Domivo on 1/21/14
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My dog has a liquid residue in her ears, and it smells as well. There are also scabs and sores from her scratching?

The residue is a brownish red, and it smells terrible. The vet said it could be from her diet, but I've made a strict rule of no feeding her people…

ASKED BY Dazey on 10/11/12
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Help!!! My dog ate a dirty diaper?

I feel terrible! About 4 days ago my dog ate a dirty diaper that I had forgotten to throw away right after my baby's bath. He took it off the…

ASKED BY Member 984143 on 4/28/10
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Sandy Baby ♥

Sandy likes rolling my smelly things, will I have to get used to this? Or is it breakable?

Sandy is an earthdog, I know that. She likes the feel of the earth between her toes- she likes the feel of the dirt on her paws. I've accepted that…

ASKED BY Sandy Baby ♥ on 7/16/08
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