Our dogs won't play when they are outside, they beg to be let back in, escape or get destructive. Help?

We have three dogs, a Pointer who is 5-6 years old, and two huskies, 18 and 2 months. We moved into the house around 4 months ago, and that's when…

ASKED BY Holly on 1/9/15
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Why does my 8 week old Shih poo keep digging on my lap?

He's such a fun, loving, energetic playful pup just like most, he loves snuggling into me and having cuddles, but when he's on my lap, he digs (to put…

ASKED BY Member 1236694 on 11/2/14
TAGGED digging, puppy, weeks, shihpoo IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 1 year old French Bulldog, when I leave the house to go to work he ends up destroying the sofa?

Is there any suggestions that could help us to get him out of this habit?! We have tried covering the sofa etc but he digs the blankets etc out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1202809 on 12/5/13
TAGGED separation, chewing, digging, sofa, furniture, homealone IN Separation Anxiety


Solutions for thunderstorm anxiety fits?

My girl Maaya had just recently started reacting to thunderstorms. She's full force-two paws-digging at the pan in her crate and nudging the crate…

ASKED BY Maaya on 7/31/13
TAGGED thunderstormthundercratedigginganxietynight IN Fears & Phobias


I am trying to figure out if my dog is a Carolina Dog or not and to get advice for the digging and escape artist problem?

We were told by the shelter in which we got our dog, who was a puppy at the time, that she was a Shephard mix. I thought this would be great since my…

ASKED BY Iris on 2/12/13
TAGGED carolinadogthoughtsondiggingrunningoffafterprey IN Carolina Dog


I have a two year old akit/belgian shepherd mix. How do I stop his digging?

Carter here loves chasing rabbits and cats while outside on a leash. There are wood chips on the side of the trailer for a flower bed and recently the…

ASKED BY Carter on 4/20/12
TAGGED belgianshepherd, akita, digging, outside, cats, rabbits IN Digging

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