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Should it Include Competition?

Snuggled to forty age ago, one physician did care to competition as a way to motivate a persevering that required to retrogress coefficient. That clan…

ASKED BY Member 1232993 on 8/28/14
TAGGED raspberryslimdiet IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My Pitty/ English BullDog has been having problem with Vomiting ?

Brought to Vet. Tests were done nothing found. No diet change. It always happens in the middle of the night never during the day. It is not every…

ASKED BY Member 1218008 on 3/25/14
TAGGED sick, medical, vomiting, diet IN Health & Wellness


Transition to raw diet and food allergies?

I have become intensely interested into putting my dog on a raw diet after reading about so many of the benefits, however I am fairly certain that…

ASKED BY Kaeda on 2/20/14
TAGGED raw, rawdiet, rawfood, food IN Food & Nutrition

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Raw food diet risks?

Just wondering if anyone here has had any bad experiences with your dog getting ecoli or salmonella or anything else from the raw diet? Im interested…

ASKED BY Member 1190395 on 9/17/13
TAGGED food, raw, diet, ecoli, e, coli, ecoli, salmonella, sick IN Raw Food

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Hi , My 5 year old Crusoe is a black labrador :) Now my query being what is the right food for him : ROYAL CANIN Maxi S?

Hi , My 5 year old Crusoe is a black labrador :) Now my query being what is the right food for him : ROYAL CANIN Maxi Starter Mother & Babydog…

ASKED BY Member 1187396 on 8/27/13
TAGGED royalcanin, food, labrador, fiveyearold, nutrition, diet IN Pet Food


I am new to raw feeding. Help me! (prey model diet)?

Here are the facts: My two boys are 3.5 years old and 4 years old. A week ago, they went RAW cold turkey. I have been feeding them CHICKEN…

ASKED BY Blue on 8/1/13
TAGGED rawfeeding, preymodeldiet, barfdiet, chickenbacks IN Food & Nutrition


My dog picks a random object and starts to growling to everyone and even bit! What can I do? What he trying to say?

He has 2yeas old. he's super sweet, knows how to play, obeys to basic orders, brand diet, goes for a walk 3 days minimum... Out of no where, he picks…

ASKED BY Côco on 7/22/13
TAGGED play, growling, growl, aggressive, sweet, bit, chewing, branddiet, sock, towel IN Behavior & Training

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