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Dog tears up sheets and mattress topper?

husband and I have a 9 year old black lab that tears up our sheets and mattress toppers so he is able to lay directly on the mattress it self. he…

ASKED BY Member 1244502 on 3/31/15
TAGGED destructive, tearupbed IN Behavior & Training

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4 Year old ACD cannot be home alone, goes berserk and urinates/defecates in house when we're at work. HELP?

We have a 4 year old rescued Australian Cattle Dog. She was wonderful when we first rescued her, which was when she was about 6 months old…

ASKED BY Member 1235990 on 10/20/14
TAGGED destruction, baddog, destructivebehavior, accidents IN Behavior & Training

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Hi, I adopted a dog about 5 days ago and today I had to go to work and we left him in his crate. When I returned home he?

He is 1 year and 8 months. We adopted him from the humane society.

ASKED BY Member 1227117 on 5/16/14
TAGGED agression, separation, destructive, help IN Aggression

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I have a labradoodle who is just now turning 1 and we have a huge problem with his behavior when left alone?

I have a labradoodle puppy who is just now turning one. He is extremely destructive whenever left alone. He has chewed up cement from my walkway…

ASKED BY Member 1215814 on 3/13/14
TAGGED chewing, destructive, toys IN Chewing

Carrot Ironfoundersson

Destructive Chewing in 1-year-old dogs with plenty of stimulating toys?

Our two dogs, Carrot and Vimes, leave a crime scene to be discovered whenever I come back from work. My fiance and I only leave them alone for about 5…

ASKED BY Carrot Ironfoundersson on 12/21/13
TAGGED chewing, destructive, separationanxiety, yearlingdogs, boys IN Behavior & Training

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Help with my hyperactive husky?

I have a 1yr old husky/wolf mix. I knew when getting him, training was going to be difficult. I have done reading on his breed, and he fits every…

ASKED BY Member 1041423 on 7/26/13
TAGGED hyper, behavior, training, destructive, calm IN Other Behavior & Training

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We have a jack russell that has started chewing up anything he can get?

He does this anytime of the day or night, whether anyone is home or not. He has also begun stealing things off the table (food, pens, crayons,etc…

ASKED BY Member 1159030 on 3/16/13
TAGGED destructivebehavior IN Other Behavior & Training

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