My Pomeranian puppy has a weird part of coat in her back. Is this normal?

Hi! I have a six month old Pomeranian puppy. Im 50% sure she already went thru her puppy uglies and it was a mild experience (thats why im not a…

ASKED BY Lego on 2/28/15
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What kind of dog is my big dog?

A couple of mounths ago My aunt found a stray and we couldn't find his owners so I kept him. He is a big lovable sweet dog. And I really wonder what…

ASKED BY Owen on 10/16/10
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Why does he look so much like a spaniel?

I feel he looks like a cocker spaniel. According to the breeder, his dad was a toy poodle and his mom was a cocker spaniel x miniature poodle cross…

ASKED BY Member 984971 on 6/14/10
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oscar - rest in peace

Shih tzu maltese mix with curly hair and born without a tail? Is this normal?

hi! We have a 6 year old shih tzu maltese mix that has curly hair and was born without a tail [he just has a stub] My mom claims to have seen his…

ASKED BY oscar - rest in peace on 5/6/09
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