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My dog is curious but nervous around dogs.She's not aggressive.How can i help her to be more relaxed around other dogs ?

* There have been a few dogs that she has played with before but its very rare. * She does not run away from the situation instead she sits down when…

ASKED BY Member 1182646 on 7/27/13
TAGGED dogs, socializing, nervous, curious IN Behavior & Training

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Why did my dogs nipples disappear?

I adopted a three month old pup a few months ago, she is spayed and easy to train. I spend a lot of time at home since I am a student but I went…

ASKED BY Member 1153453 on 2/3/13
TAGGED dog, dogs, pup, puppy, adopt, nipplesgone, nipplesdisappeared, doggyquestion, curious IN Dogs and a Clean Home


What should I feed my one Year old Dachshund?

Well, I guess I'm curious as to what dry food all of you feed your Dachshunds. I like the ingredients in Wellness Core, but haven't tried it. Does…

ASKED BY Daisy on 2/14/12
TAGGED dachshund, food, wellnesscore, dryfood, dachshunds, wellness, core, curious, one, year, old, yearold, oneyearold, whatshouldifeedmydachshund, whatshouldifeedmydachshunds IN Pet Food


Are my dogs playing to rough?

We got a boxer mix puppy a few months back, his name is Jake. He's about 6-7 months old now. and he loves to play with our dachshund, Luke. Our big…

ASKED BY Cooper on 4/4/11
TAGGED dogplayroughismydogplayingtootoboxermixpuppydachshundhelpcuriousopinion IN Puppies

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Are Border Terriers rare?

I'm just wondering because my vet's never heard of one and only 2 other people that I have ever met knew about them, one was Odie's foster mom and the…

ASKED BY Odie-Wan-Kenobi CGC on 5/14/09
TAGGED borderterrier, curious, random IN Breeds

Odie-Wan-Kenobi  CGC

How did this "designer dog" trend start?

I heard that it started with celebrities getting so called "designer dogs" such as Maltipoo's or Goldendoodles but I'm just wondering how it really…

ASKED BY Odie-Wan-Kenobi CGC on 5/12/09
TAGGED justcurious, designerdog, poodles IN Breeds

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Why does my dog have blood on its poo?

I feed her twice a day like her usual, she stays in her cage and brings her out only when it's time for her to poo, then this morning, I went out to…

ASKED BY Bessie Best on 4/9/09
TAGGED help, beagle, curious, rownishredpoo IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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