Whining dog?

I have a staffie dog of around 20 months old and she cannot settle if my brother puts her to bed at night, she can if I do, my mum does or my dad, but…

ASKED BY Molly on 11/18/14
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My dog whines at my 84yr old grandmother's door as if she's sad or worried. Is my dog trying to tell me something?

My grandmother is not in the best health but is doing ok at 84 years old. She is prone to falling so she stays in bed alot. My dog acts as if she…

ASKED BY Member 1221816 on 4/11/14
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My dog doesn't like his crate he cries the entire night in it even when I am by his side.Rewards don't work. he hates it?

The dog has lived with 9 other dogs that slept in bed with the foster home. We don't want that. He is good when we are home house trained and lays…

ASKED BY Member 1215910 on 3/14/14
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Stop dog from crying nonstop?

I have a 10 month old pit/lab mix who cries, constantly. He'll do it when he needs to go out, but he does it by the door. If I leave the room and…

ASKED BY Member 1070198 on 1/8/12
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