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Neighbour complaining that 3 yr old poodle x shih tzu barks overnight.Parents thinking of muzzle and fence. Suggestions?

My 3 yr old poodle x shih tzu lives outside the house in a kennel under shelter. This is because my parents don't like him urinating and soiling the…

ASKED BY Member 1246391 on 5/9/15
TAGGED barking, complaints, poodlexshihtzu, outdoors IN Barking

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Help! Barking service dog constantly?

Hi everyone, my neighbor has a dog that barks incessantly and particularly when he is left Lone. When I notified the neighbor that the dog was barking…

ASKED BY Member 1149776 on 1/13/13
TAGGED barking, service, complaints, noise IN Service & Therapy Dogs