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Unable to leave comments on specific story. I click on comments, it takes me to the comments section on the next story?

When I click on leave comments, I'm taken to the comments section on the next story. Can anyone help me?

ASKED BY Jethro on 1/31/12
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Is there a way that i can send one general mail to all my pup pals at once?

I have a doggie comment graphic that simply is hugs and smiles and would like to send it to all of my pup pals at once instead of sending it one by…

ASKED BY Cooper on 10/25/09
TAGGED commentsandgraphics IN Paw Mail


Why am I suddenly getting an email every time someone comments on this week's poll?

I commented on this week's poll, and now I get an email at my outside email address every time someone else comments on the poll. I've commented on…

ASKED BY Rusty on 10/2/09
TAGGED poll, comments, email IN Contests and Fun

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Who agrees with me?

My friend was using this sight and got some very disturbing rude comments on an innocent dog question, i just wanted to ask every one out there if…

ASKED BY Member 853620 on 7/10/09
TAGGED comments, dog, friend, dogster IN The Dogster Website


Does your owner have a planet cazmo and a club penguin or a neopet?

If you do have a Planet cazmo, club penguin, neopet, webkinz, youtube, Gaia, or something answer this question and leave a comment on my blog or be my…

ASKED BY Rocco on 7/7/09
TAGGED planetcazmo, dogs, web, username, pets, owners, computer, neopets, webkinz, cats, people, you, youtube, anythingelse, clubpenguin, dogster, gaia, blogs, skype, chat, comments, clubs, page, me, georgia, usa, puppys, lotsmore, toys, bath, food, yorkie IN Web


Can some people leave a comment on my blog please?

i need more comments on my blog and on my cat friends too well my cat profile well my family you know what i mean well i need more friends and more…

ASKED BY Rocco on 7/7/09
TAGGED comments, profile, birthdays, july, rocco, blogs, blog, friends, dogs, doggyfriends, tips, help IN Blogs


Is there a comment section or a place to leave comments on diary entries?

I stumbled across dogster a couple of days ago & started several diaries for my canine crew. I enjoy writing the entries & reading what others have…

ASKED BY Ruger on 1/20/09
TAGGED diaries, comments, commentsection IN Diaries

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