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Chihuahua was spayed three weeks ago, now pees size of quarter, and seems to have discomfort?

Took her to the vet today. The X-ray showed that her bladder is not in the correct location. Vet could not say whether there was a mass, or a result…

ASKED BY Member 1129267 on 9/4/12
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Any suggestions to make her more comfortable?

My family and I are going away to Alberta for the March break, but we can't bring Rosie. Instead, she's going to stay at a doggie day care. She gets…

ASKED BY Member 762235 on 3/11/10
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What costume would win a halloween pet costume contest? In your opinion. Just for fun. =P?

My towns fall festival is coming up and I was thinking of entering a few of the contests. One of them is the pet costume contest. I can't make up…

ASKED BY Quincy - CGC on 9/12/09
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Taking Specky to the dog park? Or take Oreo to the dog park?

I might take Specky to the dog park, he has not been tested out with dogs, but if he see's a dog through the fence he attacks them. Is it safe to take…

ASKED BY Member 824516 on 9/5/09
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How can i help my Male dog be comfortable around a female in heat?

I have a male Amstaff mix and he is not neutered. He is about 1 and half years old. He has been whining and trying to hump everything in sight and…

ASKED BY Rambo on 6/30/09
TAGGED femaleinheat, uncomfortable, humping, mounting IN Other Behavior & Training