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My chocolate lab has a limp and no one seems to know why... help would be greatly appreciated?

Hi there. I have a 17 month old chocolate labrador who developed a limp in his front right leg/paw about 4 weeks ago. The limp started the day after…

ASKED BY Member 1027605 on 3/23/11
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I have white patches of fure on my paws... Am I still considered a chocolate lab?

Basically, my dog Bear is a chocolate lab... ish. I got him from a local couple who showed me a picture of their Labradors, dogs and puppies…

ASKED BY Bear on 7/19/10
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I have a 8 week old chocolate lab puppy how much food do you feed them at one eating time?

my puppy eats good but i am just not sure how much to give her at one time i don't wat to over feed her or under feed her

ASKED BY Member 975443 on 3/19/10
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My dog is having problems with going outside and venture into other yards. What can be done?

My dog is having problems with going outside and venture into other yards. He does not listen, hes a 6-7 month old chocolate lab. He hasn't been doing…

ASKED BY Member 852180 on 7/6/09
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I was thinking of adopting a 1 yr old chocolate lab. i brought him home on a temp basis for a few days and he was fine?

Upon bringing him back, they old me he had some aggression with the crate. He would go in no problem but when the door was shut he got upset…

ASKED BY Member 668533 on 8/7/08
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How do we break a one-year-old choc lab/border collie mix from chewing to bits furniture, clothes, shoes, tv remote, etc?

This dog, a female named Lilly, is loving and bright, big and healthy. She was gotten from the pound three months ago. Previous owner was military…

ASKED BY Member 563554 on 1/27/08
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