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5 month old Chinese Crested hates it outside which makes for impossible potty training. She also has high anxiety?

My fiancĂ© and myself just got a 5 month old Chinese Crested. She is adorable. We are having a few problems with her though; she hates it outside…

ASKED BY Member 1191199 on 9/23/13
TAGGED chinesecrested, puppy, shakes, walk, pottytrain, anxiety IN Housebreaking

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I recently switched my dogs food grain free. she is a Chinese crested and her hair what little she has is thinning out?

My dog Evie has grain free food because she was having diarrhea with the brand of food that we had tried. The reason why I think its an allergy is…

ASKED BY Member 1099923 on 3/14/12
TAGGED isfrizzyfurrelatedtodietchinesecrestedhairless IN Allergies

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Lotion for a hairless Chinese Crested?

Does any one recommend a lotion for a hairless Chinese Crested to keep his skin soft?

ASKED BY Member 811459 on 3/4/09
TAGGED lotionforahairlesschinesecrested IN Grooming

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Juno is ill- what could it be and how much do you think treatment would cost? I need financial help? please help?

Hello all, Juno's mum speaking. On October 13th, Juno was attacked by the neighbor's 130lb German Shepherd who we are watching for two months since…

ASKED BY Member 409208 on 11/2/08
TAGGED attackedsneezingcoughingpuppymedicalproblemslimpingchinesecrestedjunofinancialaid IN Illness & Disease

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Hi...i have a chinese crested with skin issues (i.e. itchy, acne) that only runs along where she grows hair. help please?

she is four months old. grows a natural mohawk down her back which is where the skin issue is so bad. the vet put her on amoxicillian for a week, but…

ASKED BY Member 754027 on 10/16/08
TAGGED chinesecrested, skin, acnebumps, bath IN Skin Problems

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Help name me?

what do you like bestt? jessalinn jezebel juno faline nova narcissa (nari for short)

ASKED BY Member 409208 on 8/7/08
TAGGED nameschooseinggirlchinesecrestednaming IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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