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I was playing with my small dog he is almost 1 yrs old and his tooth got stuck in his toy while we were playing i puuled?

Tooth is loose and crooked now in gum.

ASKED BY Member 1150225 on 1/15/13
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I have a 2 year old 3 pound male chihuaha. Is it a good idea to get another chihuaha and if so would a female be better?

We leave him home alone for usually no longer than 3 hours but sometimes 5 or 6. If Chihuaha's like to be the only pet in the house I would rather not…

ASKED BY Member 1026483 on 3/13/11
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I just bought a 14-week old Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix and he won't eat anything...what should I do?

The couple that I bought him from said that he had been eating Ol' Roy puppy food. I didn't really want to keep him on that cheap dog food, so I tried…

ASKED BY Member 533693 on 11/20/07
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