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My 10 month Pitt/Mastiff won't quit chewing pretty much everything in sight and bites clothes when you walk by?

He chews on anything wood especially door frames and he has eaten the rubber seal from around the door. He chews up pillows, shoes and…

ASKED BY Member 1240630 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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Chewing deterrent or condiment? He loves Tabasco. Chews on everything. I'm not sure what other options there are?

ASKED BY Q on 12/29/14
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Arrow Oliver Jonas

I was wondering what soft dog toy I can have. I destroy everything and love Moose Antlers and Dinosaur Nylabones?

My dog is a 70 pound Am Staff and Cur mix. He destroys everything except for his Dinosaur Nylabones and Moose Antlers. I need some suggestions on…

ASKED BY Arrow Oliver Jonas on 12/28/14
TAGGED toughtoys, toughchewer, plushtoys IN Toys

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Please help :-(?

I have a 7 month old Cur, we believe she's part pitbull too. I understand she is still technically a puppy, but some of her habits are wearing in…

ASKED BY Member 1237444 on 11/14/14
TAGGED chew, chewing, shred, destroy, problem, help IN Chewing

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How to stop a dog from chewing the Carpets?

I have a black lab that is barely over a year old. I can't stop him from chewing the carpet. We bought some spray, which works at times. But if we…

ASKED BY Member 1236942 on 11/6/14
TAGGED chewing IN Behavior & Training

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My 7 month old hound & pit mix is completely obsessed with chewing & is now chasing the neighbors horses & cattle. HELP?

I have had a LOT of dogs but I've NEVER had the problems I have with this one. He's chewing EVERYTHING. If you try to get it from him he runs, not…

ASKED BY Member 1229822 on 7/21/14
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I have a labradoodle who is just now turning 1 and we have a huge problem with his behavior when left alone?

I have a labradoodle puppy who is just now turning one. He is extremely destructive whenever left alone. He has chewed up cement from my walkway…

ASKED BY Member 1215814 on 3/13/14
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Advice on my deaf Australian cattle dog?

About a year ago i purchased an Australian cattle dog(red heeler puppy) sadly we noticed she wasn't responding to her name or commands so we took…

ASKED BY Sianne on 2/25/14
TAGGED deaf, pottytraining, behavior, barking, chewing IN Behavior & Training

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