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Our 4 legged family member started chemo 4 Lymphoma today. Can I, and its beneficial to also apply holistic approaches?

We found out Sat. that our "Angel" has Lymphoma. Here it is Tues and we are now one chemo treatment in. Things are moving way to fast. I am not fond…

ASKED BY Member 1197785 on 11/5/13
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Adenodal Carcenomia in 10 yo Std.Schnauzer. Are there non-chemo treatments? I want something holistic, please help?

We have been to the vet, and had the tumors removed. We have had two rounds of chemo with Carboplatin, that did nothing. The cancer is now spreading…

ASKED BY Member 521898 on 12/3/12
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My 11 yr old Std. Schnauzer was just diagnosed w/ Adenodal Carcinoma cancer. We had surgery & started Chemo.Any advice?

We were diagnosed with Bi-lateral Adenodal Carceinoma (cancer of the anal gland in dogs) and it was in one lypmh node. Had all removed surgically, and…

ASKED BY Member 1128006 on 8/28/12
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My 5 year old husky has just been diagnosed with nerve sheath cancer...anyone ever heard of it? Had a dog with it?

It is also called Schwannoma. They have given her only about a year even if we try chemotherapy.

ASKED BY Tamaiijja 2003-2009 on 3/3/09
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Has anyone had postive results with chemotherapy?

I am debating whether to give my dog Chemo therapy. She has Lymphoma, and is 11 years old (30 lbs). I have only heard of people regretting giving…

ASKED BY Colima on 3/24/08
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