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Exsessive watering mouth and grinding teeth?

i have a 7 month old pitbull and he got kicked and broke his leg, and we also got a female a week ago and he tries to mount her anytime he is out with…

ASKED BY Member 1063066 on 10/12/11
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Desmond CGC

What is this behavior: teeth chattering?

So, it's not my dog, but a sheltie at work (dog daycare). She's extremely playful, confident, plays with the "big dogs", really rough and tumble…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 4/3/10
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Does your owner have a planet cazmo and a club penguin or a neopet?

If you do have a Planet cazmo, club penguin, neopet, webkinz, youtube, Gaia, or something answer this question and leave a comment on my blog or be my…

ASKED BY Rocco on 7/7/09
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Is there any way of knowing that the person you are speaking to on chat is a child or a grownup.…

I had a rather weird experience awhile ago..I was chatting online with someone whom I thought was a grownup lady and it turned out it was a twelve…

ASKED BY Molly on 9/23/07
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