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My dog has mast cell cancer and is not currently on insurance. I am looking for a pet insurance company?

My 4 year old boxer has mast cell tumor cancer that just finished radiation treatment. He is currently not on pet insurance, and I am looking for a…

ASKED BY Member 1140614 on 11/14/12
TAGGED mastcelltumors IN Pet Insurance

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Help! My dog has this pinkish growth near his mouth on his snout?

We thought it was just a wart or a bite at first. But it got worse, and it has thsi red stuff on top of it like blood, or dried blood. We searched…

ASKED BY Member 1115523 on 6/13/12
TAGGED cancertumordogcaninemastcellpimplegrowth IN Health & Wellness

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Dog runs from camera?

My Grandmother adopted a (we think he is anyway) Yorkshire terrier (Cody) from the animal shelter about a year ago. He's a very sweet little dog who…

ASKED BY Member 1068321 on 11/3/11
TAGGED camera, cell, phone, dog IN Answers


My dog is addicted to chewing plastic and cords. He's eaten two cell phones. LOVES bitter apple. Help?

He's a 7-month-old border collie. He has plenty of toys and has been exercised regularly. This morning he managed to pull out a VHS tape just to eat…

ASKED BY Oreo on 8/2/09
TAGGED electricalcords, plastic, cellphones, chewing IN Chewing

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The vet said my dog has a low red blood cell count. What exactly does this mean?

I got tests done after i noticed that my dog bella at one year old doesnt eat much and lays around mroe than she should. I noticed this ever since she…

ASKED BY Member 852382 on 7/6/09
TAGGED bloodcellcount, noteating, anemic IN Illness & Disease

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Will another dog help ease the transition?

We have a 7 yr old dog, Lucky that was just diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on his leg. We are hopeful but the chances of surviving a year are slim…

ASKED BY Member 826763 on 4/15/09
TAGGED cancer, cat, kid, mastcell, tumor, newdog, companion IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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