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How to handle a dog that you can't handle?

My mother's dog is 15 years old and has a big problem controlling it bowels. He has a couple of surgeries when he was younger. Now he has to be…

ASKED BY Member 1244047 on 3/20/15
TAGGED sick, putdown, canthandle IN Health & Wellness

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My dog can't get up or walk?

Hi, My dog Charlie started walking real slow right after his surgery when he swallowed an underwear. At first we thought it was the stitches but then…

ASKED BY Member 1182854 on 7/28/13
TAGGED hindlegs, neurology, obstructionsurgery, cantgetup, cantpoop, cantwalk IN Health & Wellness

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I just got resently married and my husband and I moved into an apartment. I have a mixed breed female dog. She is having?

I need help with her behavior when we leave. She doesn't use the bathroom inside. I come home and take her out every four hours. I work very close…

ASKED BY Member 1107404 on 4/24/12
TAGGED hyperwhinesbarkingcantbealone IN Other Behavior & Training

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My Toy Fox Terrier, Buster, coughs, like he has phlegm. What could this be?

Buster also acts as if he has allergies, mostly when he goes outside, but happens inside sometimes too. As for the first question, he coughs like…

ASKED BY Member 1105588 on 4/12/12
TAGGED sneezesalotwhenhegoesoutsidehecoughslikemucusisstuckinhisthroat, andhecantgetitout IN Allergies

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My 7 year old blue nose pit was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. We neutered him and still has no appetite?

I was told that the prostate was pushing on the colon and bladder and that is why he was having a harder time using the bathroom. Now neutered, dr…

ASKED BY Member 1096028 on 2/28/12
TAGGED enlargedprostate, neutered, noappetite, cantdefacate IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have 2 jack russtle dogs and both seem to have a random injurie?

my dogs sleep in the conservatory on thier own with the doors locked when we are out or in bed ect. we woke up to them this morning and they both…

ASKED BY Member 1049238 on 8/27/11
TAGGED cuts, scrapes, swollennose, cantwalk IN Other Health & Wellness

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Still can't upload photos?

I asked this question three days ago and got a good answer but I am still not able to upload photos. Everytime I do it says cannot read file. Are…

ASKED BY Member 1043631 on 8/9/11
TAGGED cant, upload, pictures, need, help IN Pet Page

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