Will getting another dog help or hurt with separation anxiety (not able to be left alone at home w/o barking)?

Does anyone have experience with getting another dog to keep the first dog company in order to help with separation anxiety? My female shih tzu…

ASKED BY Sydney on 8/22/13
TAGGED separationanxiety, shihtzu, dogs, barking, calm, friend IN Separation Anxiety


Recent rescue pup, need ideas for bad behaviors and separation anxiety?

My dog is a 3 year old shih tzu mix. I rescued her 2 months ago from a shelter. We are working with a trainer on basic training and she can now sit…

ASKED BY Sydney on 8/22/13
TAGGED separationanxiety, barking, alone, calm, aggression IN Separation Anxiety

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Help with my hyperactive husky?

I have a 1yr old husky/wolf mix. I knew when getting him, training was going to be difficult. I have done reading on his breed, and he fits every…

ASKED BY Member 1041423 on 7/26/13
TAGGED hyper, behavior, training, destructive, calm IN Other Behavior & Training


How can i get my pitbull puppie to not bother my 2 older shihtzus?

He is a male, 5 months old and they are both female 3 and 5 years old. He doesnt attack them but he always wants to follow them and play and bark…

ASKED BY Capone on 11/7/12
TAGGED calmdownleaveotherdogsalone IN Behavior & Training


Would clomicalm work for me?

I have a skittish walker who my vet & I have been discussing starting on clomicalm. She is on edge all the time, very scared of everyone except me and…

ASKED BY Christmas on 4/14/11
TAGGED anxiety, clomicalm, skittish, walker, behaviormodification IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why dose my dog act calm around other dogs, but when I allow him to go closer, he sniffs, and barks aggressively?

My dog Cooper is a German Shepard Boxer Mix that we adopted about 8 months ago. He is the sweetest dog you would ever meet. But when I take him on…

ASKED BY Member 1009113 on 10/22/10
TAGGED agressionbarksniffcoopergermanshepardboxermixwalkcalmhelpconfusedconfusion IN Other Behavior & Training

Desmond CGC

Do you think he will settle down as he gets older?

Desmond is extremely people and dog friendly, very polite/obedient in almost all situations, and is very very good about getting attention from all…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 4/10/10
TAGGED excited, dog, calm, with, age IN Other Behavior & Training

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