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Is it safe to ship a dog to my house?

I wanted this dog but the breeder lives in another province she told me that she wanted my phone number and home addresses long as some other…

ASKED BY Member 1228666 on 6/14/14
TAGGED dog, shipping, scam, breeders, pomeranian, home, adoption, buying IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Choosing a breed?

Im planning to buy a puppy and Ive been looking around in the last few weeks to decide which breed I want. I really like the Boston Terriers, but I…

ASKED BY Member 1170794 on 5/18/13
TAGGED buyingadog IN Boston Terrier

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My mom doesn't buy things for our dog. (not sure?)?

Well we never got a collar tag for our dog until a few months ago ( my dog is almost 3). Everyone else also said that the furminator is a rip off…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED mom, buy, shop, shopping, store, pet, food, toys, treats, kong, ball, dog, fun, bored, puppy, cute, play, exercise IN Pet Products

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Raw feeding + questions - Thread 1 of 2?

I have scrolled through the pages & have been unsuccessful at finding the answers to a few questions. 1) needing to integrate a variety of raw…

ASKED BY Member 1080545 on 12/29/11
TAGGED rawfood, garlic, grains, brownrice, barley, wheretobuyrawfood, vegetables, rosemary, veggies IN Food & Nutrition


I want buy a bark collar to stop my dog from bad barking, where can i get it?

I want to controll dazzy(my pet) from bad barking! I just want to buy a bark control collar for my pet, I dont have much time to buy at shopping…

ASKED BY Dazzy on 10/28/10
TAGGED bestbuybarkcollardiscountcouponcode IN Barking


Can you earn Zealies, or do you have to buy them?

Thanks for your help.

ASKED BY Brutus on 5/6/10
TAGGED buying, zealies IN Zealies & Gifts

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After you buy a puppy, is there any other financing if the puppy is vet checked?

My sister and i want to buy a poodle(the only dog she is not allergic to) . It's our first time buying a dog and we are not quite sure if you just buy…

ASKED BY Member 933057 on 12/26/09
TAGGED adoption, puppy, financing, poodle, firsttimebuy, buy IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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