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I need this question anwserd asap what happens if my dog eats 2 sticks of butter wraper and all, and should i be concern?

My dog is a 4 year old lab and is 70-100 pounds

ASKED BY Member 1205896 on 12/25/13
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My dog does not like peanut butter, so what should I fill my dog's Kong with?

My dog is a meat lover, and he kind if likes carrots, too. But I tested to see if he liked these foods, but he didn't. Bananas Apples Peanut…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 7/5/12
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I have a 50 pound pit bull mix who chewed through the plastic and ate an 18 oz jar of Peanut Butter?

I have a 50 pound pit mix, and he got into some Peanut Butter a few days ago. I suspect that he ate most of the 18 oz. jar. When I found the jar a…

ASKED BY Member 1106052 on 4/16/12
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Is it safe to give a small amount of peanut butter each day to aid in giving pills?

I've found the easiest way to give my chihuahua puppy his daily supplements is to hide them in a dab of peanut butter or stuff them in a small cube of…

ASKED BY Argon on 4/4/11
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Is peanut butter good for dogs? with or without nuts?

I have heard tht dogs can have npeanut butter but i just want to double check. Can they have the nuts that come in with the peanut butter? yes i…

ASKED BY Member 838215 on 5/21/09
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Omeaga's, transfactor?

I give my two dogs fish oil & transfactor. I have to hide it in a rolled up piece of meat which I am not to keen on. If I put the fis oil on their…

ASKED BY Member 806710 on 2/20/09
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