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I need this question anwserd asap what happens if my dog eats 2 sticks of butter wraper and all, and should i be concern?

My dog is a 4 year old lab and is 70-100 pounds

ASKED BY Member 1205896 on 12/25/13
TAGGED sheswalloedtwosticksofbutter IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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13 yr old female Golden. 8 yr old un neutered Golden; have had him 1 year. He's at her butt 24/7; she's annoyed?

I need to make her last few months enjoyable; she's lost her lifelong mate of 12 years; a week ago. The 8 yr old, I adopted from my exhub a year…

ASKED BY Member 1205758 on 12/24/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, sniffing, butt, unneutered, aging, incontinence IN Aggression

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Can my dog Dick eat nuts?

Well first of all, I'm gay, and as such, I eat gay food. One of these is a nut mix called, and I'm not joking, so please don't laugh at me, it's super…

ASKED BY Member 1169624 on 5/10/13
TAGGED gay, queer, butthole, gayboy, jacob, romee IN Homemade Food

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My puppies butthole sticks out? No itching or rubbing on floor?

We just had mastiff puppies and they still feed off there mom, but we also have been giving them soft puppy food. Since then there butt holes have…

ASKED BY Member 1145793 on 12/18/12
TAGGED puppy, butt, health IN Puppies

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My dog does not like peanut butter, so what should I fill my dog's Kong with?

My dog is a meat lover, and he kind if likes carrots, too. But I tested to see if he liked these foods, but he didn't. Bananas Apples Peanut…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 7/5/12
TAGGED peanut, butter, bananas, apples, treats, milk, cheese, kong, dog, toy, treats, human, food, doesnt, like IN Treats

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I have a 50 pound pit bull mix who chewed through the plastic and ate an 18 oz jar of Peanut Butter?

I have a 50 pound pit mix, and he got into some Peanut Butter a few days ago. I suspect that he ate most of the 18 oz. jar. When I found the jar a…

ASKED BY Member 1106052 on 4/16/12
TAGGED peanutbutter, diarrhea IN Emergencies & First Aid

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I am unable to change the colour of the navigation buttons on my page?

I have always been able to do this. Now when I attempt it, nothing happens. Is it me or is it Dogster? Anyone?

ASKED BY Member 778468 on 1/7/12
TAGGED profilepagenavigationbuttons IN Pet Page

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My brussel griffon has a small pearly white bump next to her but. Doesnt seem to bother her, what is it?

just noticed it yesterday, small white bump next to my dogs anus.Almost looks like a pearl.

ASKED BY Member 1058553 on 9/24/11
TAGGED dog, bump, butt IN Health & Wellness

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