Daisy Mae

My 4yo shih-tzu recently started getting nasty bites all all down her back, following the line of her spine?

I have meticulously inspected every inch of her with a magnifying glass & tweezers (much to her dismay) but have not been able to find a source of the…

ASKED BY Daisy Mae on 4/20/13
TAGGED shihtzu, bugbites, back, invisible IN Skin Problems

Marley Marilyn

Bug bite on puppy's girl part?

The other day, I was playing with my 3 month old boxer puppy, & I noticed she had, what looked like a mosquito bite on her girl-part. As a first…

ASKED BY Marley Marilyn on 6/6/12
TAGGED bugbites, bugs, puppies, puss, blood IN Illness & Disease

Roscoe the Racehound™

Strange lumps?

My beagle Roscoe has strange lumps on his body. First, there was just one on his leg, nearer his neck.,, and it was about summer time so I figured…

ASKED BY Roscoe the Racehound™ on 1/16/08
TAGGED bumps, lumps, redness, swollen, bugbites, spiders, itching, licking, demodex, skinproblems, skininfection IN Health & Wellness