Loki (Taz)

Brown teeth.... Old age, bad diet, or genetic problem?

I've only had Loki a few months. The shelter said he was 10months, but when I brought him home I noticed his teeth (all but the front ones) had…

ASKED BY Loki (Taz) on 9/23/13
TAGGED teeth, tartar, brown IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my dog have a blackish spot on the lower belly next to his private part?

I went off for two days and left my dog at my uncles and I just changed his food would that be why when I come back I noticed a brownish blackish spot…

ASKED BY Member 1170332 on 5/15/13
TAGGED newfoodblackbrownspothealth IN Health & Wellness

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My dog has gas and just threw up...can anyone provide insight?

Yesterday, I came home to find out that my 5 yr old shih tzu had vomited a brownish liquid, the same consistency of bile. I do not believe it was…

ASKED BY Member 1169356 on 5/8/13
TAGGED gassy, vomit, brownbile IN Health & Wellness

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What is the breed of my dog?

I have had this dog 10 years now. But, I have never determined his breed. Here is his quick description: Large, Black & Brown, Long Tail, Looks a bit…

ASKED BY Member 1157724 on 3/3/13
TAGGED dogs, doberman, shepherd, labrador, mixedbreed, years, blackbrown, largedog, whatbreedishe IN Mixed Breeds

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Brown Spot In Eye: Should I worry?

My Boston Terrier (Male, 12 months) has a strange looking brown spot on the side of his Iris that I haven't noticed before -- however the vain that…

ASKED BY Member 1154464 on 2/9/13
TAGGED eye, boston, terrier, puppy, brown, spot IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 10 yr old staffie got scratched by another dog on her eye, what should we do?

My dog's eye was scratched by another dog and now has a thin, brown lump/could be pus etc. at the bottom of the eyeball. what should we do about…

ASKED BY Member 1134482 on 10/6/12
TAGGED eye, scratched, brownlump IN Health & Wellness


What can you use to remove the brown place on white hair?

Gypsy has a place on her leg she will chew. I can't see anything there. But the hair is brown. I have used the shampoo for white fur and it doesn't…

ASKED BY Gypsy on 9/27/12
TAGGED brownspot IN Grooming

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My dog vomited a small amount of vomit. It was light brown w/ red dots in it, but it doesn't look like blood?

This happened in the morning but she vomited a very small amount.It doesn't seem to have a scent to it.Sophie is a 2 year old havanese and is very…

ASKED BY Member 1118295 on 6/30/12
TAGGED vomit, dog, lightbrown, redspots, morningvomit IN Other Health & Wellness

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