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Can a three month old male breed?

I have a female pit bull who had puppies about five months ago. I kept a male from her litter. While I was on vacation my mother was dog sitting. My…

ASKED BY Member 1235064 on 10/2/14
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What do I need to do if I want to breed my male miniature dachshund?

I have a male piebald mini dachshund. He is CKC registered and up to date on shots. He is 7 months old now, great with young children and big dogs…

ASKED BY Member 1228602 on 6/12/14
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How do i go about mating my male 8 month old beagle?

He's purebreed with papers and a champion bloodline. I want to mate him for $300 and first pick of his puppy.

ASKED BY Member 1193509 on 10/8/13
TAGGED male, breeding, mating, puppies IN Pregnancy

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My 5 pound toy Chi got hooked with a 20 pound min pin 54-55 days ago but she doesn't look pregnant?

She's gained a small amount of weight, but nothing like what I would think a preg would look like. Shouldn't I be able to tell by looking and feeling…

ASKED BY Member 1190325 on 9/17/13
TAGGED chi, chihuahua, pregnant, minpin, breeding IN Breeds C-F

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Our dogs had a premature separation while tied?

Our female "pup" was tied to our neutered male last night. They were tied for about 7 minutes when our friends male, also neutered, escaped from the…

ASKED BY Member 1156902 on 2/25/13
TAGGED tied, separation, breeding IN Health & Wellness

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3 year old Havanese with not normal heat cycle HELP?

Sophie is a healthy 3 year old Havanese.She usually goes into heat every 6-7 months from February to August but recently went into heat in…

ASKED BY Member 1156784 on 2/24/13
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My male husky got to my female husky now my male is very sick his pee is so dark it looks black and he is so sore?

he wont eat or drink it takes him 10 minutes to sit down i did take him to vet but vet thinks he is just sore and might have back problems but i…

ASKED BY Member 1149246 on 1/10/13
TAGGED breeding IN Other Health & Wellness

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