Just wondering how do you usually brush a 1 year old pomeranian's teeth to prevent tooth decaying)?

Hi everyone! Just wondering how do you usually brush a 1 year old pomeranian's teeth to prevent tooth decaying (exp. teeth yellowing and cavities.) Is…

ASKED BY Sophie on 3/24/14
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,my dog recently has been breathing through her mouth allot lately, not panting, and has her tongue out a bit?

She has been breathing with her mouth open with her tongue sticking out a little. she is not panting and sleeps fine. should I take her to the…

ASKED BY Marley on 11/8/13
TAGGED breathingthroughmouthhealthquestion IN Health & Wellness


When to be concerned about my dog Missy when it takes her so long to catch her breath after her run?

I have worked with a lot of dogs! So I usually have the answers when it comes to my dogs... My lab border collie X, After I take her for a run weather…

ASKED BY Missy on 7/9/13
TAGGED panting, excersise, breathing IN Exercise

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Why is my moms chihuahua always making high pitch snorting noises?

My mom is pretty ignorant when it comes to our dogs. She feeds them things that are harmful to them or will make sick. I tell her that the stuff she…

ASKED BY Member 1166109 on 4/19/13
TAGGED breathing, problems, ignorant, crazy, mother IN Allergies


My dog is having problems breathing. What can I do?

Was walking her last night when it started. I think she breathed something in. She's been having a hard time. What can I do?

ASKED BY Missy on 3/24/13
TAGGED breathing IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Male Dobermann,9 years. Cough up blood 3 times in past 2 weeks. Wheezing and difficulty breathing. No tumor in xray?

Coughing blood every 3-4 days. His breathing begins to wheeze when he does any exercise and sometimes after he barks. He also becomes distressed and…

ASKED BY Member 1145095 on 12/13/12
TAGGED blood, cough, breathing IN Other Health & Wellness

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